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This workshop already has a long history and I am trying to improve almost on a daily basis. As a proof of quality - Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology used my idea to update their course "Introduction to the object oriented analysis and prototyping" in 2017.

Workshop consists of the two parts:
- Student starts their education under a Product Manager or a Business Analyst role (as an exception - Customer Role)
- Student changes their role to Systems Analyst and as a result - creates documents for developers for further implementation of the Customer's idea.

I am trying to cover every phase from the ideation to implementation except that we don't have real developers and QAs.

Workshop Chapters:
Problem Solving
  • Find 5 problems we could solve with a rather simple application
  • Describe these problems
  • Find a problem you would like to work on
  • Context Diagram
  • Stakeholders
  • Fishbone Diagram to describe problem
  • Goals
  • Features
  • User Stories
Use Cases
  • Use Cases
  • Non - Functional Requirements
  • Business Objects Diagram (via ER notation)
Implementation Tasks
  • Database Model
  • UI Prototypes
  • UI Object by Object implementation task
  • REST API and Security
Udemy students
hours to create this course
You'll get at least 2 Udemy certificates during the course
We will not share your work results
Even thought we got a workshop - I'll personally assists you with any questions
  • My name is Alexey Kiselev and here is my blog:
  • I got more than a 10 discussions and other events with Luxoft.
  • Multiple Udemy courses
  • Speeches at conferences like "Summer Analysts Festival", "Software People", etc.
  • Tens of articles with different on-line magazine
  • I worked with these practices since 2008
  • I'm still working with them and trying to improve them daily basis
  • This is the most technical workshop for Analysts I ever found - REST API, SQL, noSQL, etc.
  • You'll learn all the theory via Udemy courses (but I would recommend to read some books prior starting the workshop)
  • All documents are in Google Docs
  • All Lessons are in Google Class
I believe this is the cheapest Workshop across the Northern America and Western Europe
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Last 3 comments:

Great course! I know that this is my very first BA-SA course and I could not compare, but the format was really good. I found a lot of new information and it was great to feel real atmosphere of the project.

I found this course really valuable. I really appreciate all these practical lessons I learned and will be able to use in future.

I really liked to work in teams with team members from different countries: different experience, different points of view. That was pretty cool to have a Customer and to see alternative views on a problem from other members.
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